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July Update

If you could take a few minutes to read the following and pray we could use your prayers.

Last Thursday the Ministry of Religion issued us an official warning for violating the law concerning religious practices of the Kyrgyz Republic. The law also states that if any church or religious organization is issued two warnings in the course of one year the offending organization/church’s registration will be revoked and officially closed. The warning was issued for supposed violations during the recent concert/outreach we held at the city stadium. The funny thing is that we were called in the day after the concert to the same government department and they thanked us for holding a peaceful and LAWFUL gathering. Obviously someone higher up was not as pleased and pressured the religious department to issue the warning. We are currently putting together papers to petition the warning and if need be go to court.

On a more practical level Jed (one of the other pastors) and I are not really supposed to be preaching in public gatherings of any kind because of other laws that have not been clearly worked out leaving us in a kind of “grey” area. We have been kind of risking it for the last year, but because of the recent warning we can’t take the chance. If someone wanted they could use this to issue that second warning and close our church if they really wanted to.

We knew that there would be serious opposition after the outreach and we need you to stand behind us in prayer. Here are a few more things that have been going on that need prayer.

The two guys that usually teach when we can’t have both come down with high fevers! Pray that Pasha will have strength to teach tomorrow.
> Many in the church have been sick the last couple weeks. Our family has been struggling the last few weeks with sicknesses as well. I am just getting over bronchitis.

We just received word that a new convert in the new church plant in Karakol has renounced Christ after visiting his village and being pressured and threatened by family. Some in the church have started to fear what might happen to them. Pray for this young body to stand strong and that the new convert will return quickly.

On top of all this we need to renew our visas next week and right now things are definitely against us in the government.

We are feeling the attacks of the enemy for sure. Our battle is not against flesh and blood though, so please pray on our behalf.

Paul Billings

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