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10/23 Update

Markey Update October 23, 2012 I just got off the phone with Jonny. The studio where they have been working lost power this afternoon and they are unable to continue recording. He had already been feeling stressed today seeing everything that needed to be completed in only two days, and then now, to not have […]

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10/18 Update

Markey Update October 18, 2012 Thank you all for your prayers for Jonny and Aaron! I apologize for not writing sooner! They made it safely to Bishkek (as well as all of the equipment!) Praise the Lord!! They have been recording every day this past week, except Sunday, and will continue working until next Wednesday, […]

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10/10 Update

Markey Update October 10, 2012 Bishkek! As I write this, Jonny and Aaron are on a plane from Warsaw to Moscow. Then… after 10 hours in the Moscow airport..they will finally be on a plane to Bishkek, Kyrgysztan! It is a long journey, but we are all so excited about this opportunity they have to […]

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